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The Columbus Dispatch (Opinion): Ohio should embrace advanced-energy technology

Posted by Ted Ford on Sep 21, 2018

The Columbus Dispatch published this opinion piece written by Ted Ford, president of Ohio Advanced Energy Economy, describing how Ohio can benefit from Advanced Energy technology and the subsequent job creation. Link to full Columbus Dispatch article here

 Excerpts Below:

The rapidly growing advanced-energy industry is one answer to creating not only today’s jobs but also the jobs of the future. Advanced energy is one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries and Ohio is no exception. Today, more than 112,000 Ohioans hold good-paying jobs in the energy-efficiency, solar, wind, electric-vehicles and other innovative energy technologies, and the number keeps growing every year.

The advanced-energy economy has been good for Ohio workers. However, Ohio has artificially created barriers that slowed the growth of this industry, hindering the jobs and investment that once poured into our state. If Ohio lawmakers really want to capitalize on this growth, they need to adopt policies that encourage clean energy

Regulators understand the potential of these innovative technologies for Ohio's consumers and businesses. The PUCO recently released the results of a yearlong analysis of Ohio's electricity system that outlines a path to the future. The PowerForward report and recommendations, if fully implemented, will secure the state as a leader on grid modernization, smart meters, distributed energy and electric vehicles, all while creating good-paying jobs across the state.

Additionally, Ohio can capitalize on growing sales of plug-in electric vehicles, which have increased at an annual rate of 50 percent since 2011. Companies like General Motors and Honda are rapidly expanding the number of EV models they are offering in order to remain competitive. States across the country, including many in the Midwest, are responding by building comprehensive networks of charging stations to support electric vehicles. Ohio, with its historical leadership in the automotive industry, should be on the leading edge of transportation electrification just as we are on autonomous vehicles…

Ohio workers deserve the opportunity to benefit from the jobs of the future available in the advanced-energy industry. Ohio lawmakers can make that happen by adopting policies that encourage advanced-energy development in the state.


See the complete Columbus Dispatch story here.





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