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Posted by Industry News on May 9, 2013

 Consumer Reports // May 09, 2013

The Tesla Model S outscored every other car, both electrified and traditional gas-powered, in the latest road test from Consumer Reports. The car, Consumer Reports points out, tested this well not despite being electric, but "because it is electric." Citing advantages like a rock-bottom center of gravity provided by the placement of the car's battery, and the power and efficiency of the electric motor, Consumer Reports points out that "the Model S worked better than [they] expected":

So is the Tesla Model S the best car ever? We wrestled with that question long and hard. It comes close. And if your needs are confined to the Tesla's driving range, it just may be. But for many people, the very thing that makes cars great is the ability to jump in and drive wherever you want on the map at a moment's notice. And on that measure the Tesla has its limitations. So the Model S may not satisfy every conceivable need, but as we've learned through our testing and living with it, the Model S is truly a remarkable car.

Read more and see a video from the test here.