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Smart Grid News Covers AEEI-Commissioned Brattle Group Reliability Report

Posted by Smart Grid News on Feb 11, 2015

In November 2014, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) issued an “initial reliability review” in which it identified elements of the Clean Power Plan that could lead to reliability concerns. Echoed by some grid operators and cited in comments to EPA submitted by states, utilities, and industry groups, the NERC study has made reliability a critical issue in finalizing, and then implementing, the Clean Power Plan.   

In order to gain insight on the issue, the Advanced Energy Economy Institute commissioned The Brattle Group, a leading consulting firm to utilities and grid operators, to conduct a critical review of the NERC study. Smart Grid News covered the report:

A report by has found that there is no threat to the reliability of the grid due to the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan. The White House's plan is to cut carbon pollution from power plants. The study was conducted for Advanced Energy Economy Institute by the Brattle Group.
According to the new report: "Following a review of the reliability concerns raised and the options for mitigating them, we find that compliance with the CPP is unlikely to materially affect reliability. The combination of the ongoing transformation of the power sector, the steps already taken by system operators, the large and expanding set of technological and operational tools available and the flexibility under the CPP are likely sufficient to ensure that compliance will not come at the cost of reliability."

Download the Brattle Group’s report here. Read Smart Grid News’ full story here.

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