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Smart Grid News covers AEE's filing of brief

Posted by Barbara Vergetis Lundin; SmartGridNews on Dec 10, 2015

Barbara Lundin, writing in SmartGridNews, covered the filing of a brief opposing the stay of the Clean Power Plan. AEE, along with several other trade groups, was involved in the filing. From the article

"AEE and its member companies see the Clean Power Plan as an opportunity to modernize the electric power system for the 21st century. By making use of advanced energy technologies and services for compliance, states will be able to improve reliability, reduce costs, and give customers more energy choices. In fact, the Clean Power Plan simply accelerates the technology and market trends that are already moving the country toward an electricity system that is more reliable, clean, affordable, and responsive to customer demands," said Malcolm Woolf, SVP of Policy and Government Affairs, AEE. "A stay of the rule would disrupt the market for advanced energy technologies. With advanced energy a $200 billion industry in 2014 and growing at five times the rate of the economy overall, the delay and uncertainty this would cause would do harm to advanced energy companies and the U.S. economy." 

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