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San Diego Union-Tribune Features Steve Chadima, AEEI Working Group in CA Report

Posted by San Diego Union-Tribune on Aug 11, 2015

The San Diego Union-Tribune published a comprehensive report detailing AEEI’s support for new policies that encourage the growth of advanced energy technology products and services in California. In the article, Vice President Steve Chadima challenges the state’s outdated infrastructure:

"The basic idea here is for the utilities to embrace these new technologies rather than fight them," said Steve Chadima, senior vice president at the institute.

That could mean allowing investor-owned utilities to earn a return on services they contract to buy down power demands or blend renewable and battery power into the grid, he said.

California's major electric and natural gas utilities derive most profits from capital investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure under a century-old model, Chadima explained.  Under that model, electricity flowed one way from the utility to the customer -- a relationship upended in the past 10 years by new technologies.

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