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Quartz: California is poised to be the world’s largest economy with a zero-emissions goal

Posted by Michael J. Coren on Aug 30, 2018

This Quartz article looks at California’s trailblazing efforts to cut down and ultimately eliminate electricity-related greenhouse-gas emissions by 2045 thanks to a bill passed by California’s legislature. This would position California to become world’s largest single economy to adopt a zero-emissions goal for its electricity grid. Emilie OlsonAEE Associate for California Policy & Engagement, is quoted.  Link to the full article here. Excerpts below:

California has a massive energy-related legislative agenda lined up this year, unrivaled anywhere else in the US according to the Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), a clean-energy advocacy group. Bills to modernize the regional electrical distribution system, enact a more stringent renewables mandate, and set the zero energy emissions goal are all working their way through the state legislature, alongside a dozen others.

“While it’s not new for California to make a splash on energy legislation, it is pretty significant that three groundbreaking energy bills are being actively discussed in the legislature this final week,” wrote Emilie Olson of AEE by email. “Wrapping in the controversial wildfire conversations as well, these bills together represent the largest clean energy legislation being considered simultaneously relative to anywhere else in the country.”

Link to the full Quartz article here

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