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Utility Dive: PJM releases road map for creating ‘grid of the future’ to handle coming renewables, storage wave

Posted by Ethan Howland on May 12, 2022

Utility Dive discussed the PJM plans for renewable energy  growth, quoting AEE's Kat Burnham on the grid operator's roadmap. Read snippets below and the full article here.

The report provides “guideposts” on the areas PJM and its stakeholders need to focus on to keep the grid reliable while meeting state clean energy goals, according to Katherine Burnham, Advanced Energy Economy policy principal.

“The PJM report demonstrates the incredible retirement of old, inefficient fossil fuels and how they’re being replaced by renewable energy sources,” Burnham said Wednesday. “With these new tools at our disposal, I think there’s a real opportunity there to leverage these resources in a way that is competitive and that is useful to different participants in the PJM territory.”

Those new tools, for example, include improved forecasting and grid visibility to see how resources, such as electric vehicle chargers, are operating, as well as dynamic line rating, according to Burnham.

“That level of sophistication that we have for EVs will make them an asset, not necessarily a challenge,” Burnham said, adding that the emerging tools will help renewable energy broadly. “There’s a huge opportunity to improve resilience and to welcome in these new resources in a way that’s cost competitive and helps us achieve our clean energy goals.”

Read the full article here.

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