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Public News Service: Clean-Energy Experts Predict Federal Dollars Will Spur NV Job Boom

Posted by Suzanne Potter on Apr 27, 2021

Public News Service quoted AEE’s Sarah Steinberg on the prospect for jobs growth in Nevada with federal investments in clean energy resources. The story was picked up by Patch. Read excerpts below and the full story here.

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Experts forecast up to 400,000 new jobs in Nevada as a result of the Biden administration's climate-change goals and infrastructure plan…

Sarah Steinberg, policy principal for Advanced Energy Economy, a trade group for clean energy companies, noted the infrastructure proposal, called the 
American Jobs Plan, would pour billions into the fight.

"And that means a lot of jobs, especially in states such as Nevada, that have abundant natural resources that can contribute to our energy ecosystem," Steinberg pointed out…

Stillwater Solar Geothermal hybrid project in Fallon, built in 2009 with the help of federal tax dollars, now employs 30 people and generates energy for 15,000 households a year.

Steinberg pointed to Stillwater as an example of what federal investment in clean energy can do.

"A potential $10 billion investment in energy efficiency, solar, electric vehicles and building electrification would add a total of $60 billion to the Nevada economy, which is a six-fold return on investment, which is great news," Steinberg outlined…

Read the full story here.

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