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Post by AEE's Girouard in Solar Novus Today: "Four Questions About Solar in the US"

Posted by Advanced Energy Economy on Apr 3, 2017

AEE's analyst Coley Girouard writes a guest post in Solar Novus Today. From the article: 

The US solar industry is expanding rapidly, with revenue that grew 174% from 2011 to 2015 making it a significant driver of the larger $200 billion US advanced energy market that now employs 3.3 million workers. The growth in solar has been fueled by falling technology costs (as seen in the graph below), financial incentives, business model innovations, renewable energy targets, and customers wanting more access to clean energy. This burgeoning industry has affected how utilities traditionally operate, sparking debates from California to Maine. Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) is keeping tabs on all of these developments through our online policy platform - PowerSuite. There are a myriad of developments that have the potential to affect the solar industry; today we outline four key questions that are dominating the conversation and market developments.

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