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Politico Morning Energy: By the Numbers

Posted by Matthew Choi on Mar 25, 2021

Politico's Morning Energy news highlighted findings from AEE’s Advanced Energy Now 2021 Market Report. Read excerpt below and the full newsletter here.

Advanced energy revenue hit more than $1.4 trillion worldwide in 2020, up 2.5 percent over 2019 — greater than pharmaceutical manufacturing globally and double that of coal mining, according to Advanced Energy Economy's annual market report.

Advanced transportation represented the biggest global revenue increase, up $41 billion to nearly $319 billion in 2020, and led by a surge in plug-in electric vehicles. Advanced fuel production, meanwhile, saw the sharpest decline in global revenue — down nearly 17 percent — amid a drop in vehicle travel spurred by the pandemic. The U.S. also saw growth in clean energy, including revenue from energy storage, which was up 139 percent in 2020 to $1.6 billion.

Read the full newsletter here.

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