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Politico: FERC Tees Up Orders

Posted by Kelsey Tamborrino on Oct 17, 2019

Politico's Morning Energy covered FERC's meeting agenda including PJM and Southwest Power Pool's proposals to integrate storage into their wholesale market operations, with commentary by AEE's Jeff Dennis. Read excerpts below and the entire Politico Morning Energy piece here. 

FERC will issue orders today regarding two natural gas pipelines, compliance with its landmark energy storage order and a political spending complaint against grid operator PJM Interconnection, according to the monthly open meeting agenda...

The storage orders will involve plans by grid operators PJM and Southwest Power Pool to integrate batteries into their wholesale market operations in line with FERC Order 841 issued last year. FERC asked all six regional grid operators in April for more detail on their compliance plans, and could be preparing to open investigations into the PJM and SPP market rules, according to FERC veteran Jeff Dennis, which would signal a broad rewrite of the storage proposals.

"In both cases it looks like FERC plans to open a new Section 206 proceeding (both show new EL19 dockets)," Dennis, now general counsel for trade group Advanced Energy Economy, said on Twitter. "FERC could: be ordering additional changes that might be considered outside the scope of [Order 841]; potentially ordering changes to the compliance filings that require establishing a refund effective date under 206; or something else entirely..."

Read the entire Politico Morning Energy piece here

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