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Political Climate Podcast: Rolling out historic infrastructure funding

Posted by Julia Pyper on Apr 21, 2022

Political Climate spoke with Leah Rubin Shen about the IIJA rollout, Biden's climate goals, and clean energy tax credits. Listen to the episode here.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — a historic $1.2 trillion investment package passed by Congress on a bipartisan basis — has received little fanfare since President Biden signed it into law last November. The bill contains more than $80 billion to advance the clean energy transition and respond to climate change. But where exactly will those dollars go?

Leah Rubin Shen joined host Julia Pyper and producer Maria Virginia Olano on Political Climate to discuss how the rubber is hitting the road on infrastructure spending in states across the country. 

Listen to the episode here.

Topics: Federal Policy, AEE In The News, Leah Rubin Shen