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Phoenix Business Journal (Opinion): New State Leaders Should Maximize the Value of Arizona’s Sunshine

Posted by Shelby Stults on Dec 9, 2022

Phoenix Business Journal published Shelby Stults’ opinion piece on Governor-elect Katie Hobbs’ unprecedented opportunity to accelerate advanced energy growth in the state. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Katie Hobbs will take office as Governor with an enormous opportunity to lower energy costs and improve the landscape for clean energy businesses in Arizona. Arizona is projected to receive $11 billion for clean energy investments thanks to the federal Inflation Reduction Act and last year’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — and these dollars have the potential to transform Arizona’s economy. The investments will create more than a million new jobs in Arizona and spark a whopping $162 billion in economic impact for the state, a 15-fold return on investment...

Utility regulators at the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) also have a key role to play in helping Arizonans save money. New clean energy tax credits will make it easier for the state’s utilities to invest in renewable energy, saving Arizonans $9 billion in energy costs every year. In a sunny state like Arizona, the newly elected Commission can steer power providers toward the 10 years of tax-credit certainty for new solar projects provided by the Inflation Reduction Act—ensuring the steady growth of low-cost renewable energy.


Read the full article here (subscription required).

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