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Opower Founders share their Top 5 Trends for Utilities in 2014

Posted by Industry News on Feb 18, 2014

The co-founders of Opower, Dan Yates & Alex Laskey share the 5 top trends to look out for in utilities this year:

  1. The development of new energy efficiency policies not only in the US but in Europe and Asia as well
  2. Natural gas is slowly but surely replacing coal as the primary fuel for US electricity generation
  3. Innovative ways of generating electricity such as the use of solar panels and the behind-the-meter distributed generation systems will affect the sales and revenues of utilities. Utilities must therefore find opportunities to participate in distributed generation
  4. Smart meter infrastructure will pave the way for dynamic pricing programs
  5. Changes in grid demand and supply will require utilities to think differently about how to manage transition. Read more here.