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New State Report Dispels Myth That Massachusetts Lacks Solar Development Options

Posted by Natalie Vaughan on Jul 6, 2023

The report makes it clear there are plenty of places to responsibly develop solar in Massachusetts, and the state needs policies to make it a reality.

BOSTON, MA – Today, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources published its “Technical Potential of Solar Study” report and the results are in: its geospatial analysis of potential solar land use confirms the state has up to 18 times the solar potential than what will ultimately be needed. This report lays the groundwork for the next chapter in Massachusetts’ solar policy. 

“Solar energy is key to our clean energy transition and has the potential to sustain good jobs across the Commonwealth,” said Kat Burnham, Massachusetts state lead at Advanced Energy United, the national business association working to achieve 100% clean energy in America. “This study by the Department of Energy Resources shows that there is ample potential to grow our solar industry, generate clean energy, and protect our open space. Succeeding will require a sustained commitment to build solar in all of its forms – on roofs, over parking lots, and on land. We can do this, but it won't happen by accident.”

With efforts to curb emissions and reach clean energy goals set out in the Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2025 and 2030 (CECP) and the Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2050 (2050 CECP), the state would need over 10 times the amount of current solar power installed. To estimate how to turn existing space and surface area into solar power opportunities, the Department of Energy Resources executed the Technical Potential of Solar Study, which includes a framework for finding the most suitable grid locations possible while also minimizing negative impacts on natural resources, biodiversity, carbon, clean water and other factors.

Click here to learn more about Advanced Energy United’s work in Massachusetts advocating for clean energy and electrified transportation.

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