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Midwest Energy News: Business group offers Ohio candidates a clean energy road map

Posted by Kathiann Kowalski on May 21, 2018

Kathiann Kowalski summarized her interview with AEE's Ray Fakhoury and Ohio AEE's Ted Ford:

Ohio’s next governor could grow the state’s economy by supporting clean energy, according to a business group’s policy agenda released last week.

Ohio Advanced Energy Economy urged Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Robert Cordray to adopt policies that promote clean energy. The organization is an affiliate of a national association representing companies in the cleantech and renewable energy sectors... 

Why should voters care about how candidates will act on energy policy?

“Energy matters a lot to the average consumer,” Ford said. “Whether or not they have a modern reliable clean energy system that provides low-cost electricity is something they need to pay attention to.”

Smart clean energy policies can control rates, increase the grid’s reliability, add jobs and improve Ohio’s economic outlook, Fakhoury added. “These kinds of policies are going to benefit all Ohioans...”

Are the policies you’re advocating consistent with what both major political parties stand for?

“Energy really shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” Ford said. “What we’re trying to put forward are common sense directions that any candidate would want to pursue just as a matter of good government and good policy.”

“It makes sense to look at where your candidates stand” Fakhoury added. If they would cut back access or hinder growth in advanced energy technologies, “you want to know that.”

See the entire Midwest Energy News interview here.

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