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Matt Stanberry's Comments on DoD and Advanced Energy Featured in The Washington Post

Posted by The Washington Post on Sep 18, 2015

The Washington Post today published a story outlining the Pentagon’s plan to install a field of solar panels on the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia. Read AEE’s Vice President of Market Development, Matt Stanberry’s quote in the article:

“If the Army, Navy and Air Force met their combined announced goals of renewable energy capacity, the Defense Department could meet South Dakota’s challenging emissions reduction requirements nearly one and a half times over,” said Matt Stanberry, vice president for market development at Advanced Energy Economy, a nonprofit association made up of companies involved in clean-energy technologies.

Because the EPA’s plan encourages the trading of credits for pollution reduction across state lines, the beneficiaries of the Pentagon’s solar projects could include states far from where the solar farms are being built. “It is very difficult to say at this point that one state is necessarily advantaged over another based on where the Pentagon is making its investments,” Stanberry said.

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