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E&E News: Maryland Lawmakers Send Governor Bill to Quadruple Offshore Wind

Posted by Zach Bright on Apr 27, 2023

E&E News wrote about the POWER Act, quoting Nick Bibby on the legislation's crucial changes that will help push increase electric transmission and wind development in Maryland.

Maryland is poised to more than quadruple its offshore wind target after a key energy measure cleared the General Assembly on Monday and headed for the governor’s desk.

The bill would codify a goal of 8.5 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2031, up from the roughly 2 GW already approved by the state. Gov. Wes Moore (D) endorsed the centerpiece of the legislation in March and has said he wants the state to lead the nation in offshore wind. Clean energy groups expect that he'll sign the measure into law.

The legislation's advancement was a win for clean energy and environmental organizations that support policies to foster the growth of offshore wind, including the Maryland League of Conservation Voters and industry groups like the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition and Advanced Energy United.

Advanced Energy United's Maryland state lead, Nick Bibby, said in a statement that the act "will help transform the way Maryland powers its homes and businesses, and is a crucial step for Maryland to meet its laudable renewable energy goals."

The measure would also require Maryland to use state and federal funding to procure offshore wind energy from existing lease areas by July 2024.

Additionally, the bill would require community benefits agreements with companies building wind turbines and transmission infrastructure. The pacts would be designed to prioritize economic activity and investments in small businesses and businesses owned by veterans, women and people of color.

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