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Letter to the Editor: "Wolf's veto preserves clean energy options"

Posted by Philadelphia Inquirer on Apr 6, 2016

Read the full letter on the Philadelphia Inquirer site here.

Wolf's veto works

Gov. Wolf was right to veto House Bill 1327 and preserve Pennsylvania's progress toward compliance with the federal Clean Power Plan in the face of roadblocks put up by the state legislature for short-term political gain ("Wolf vetoes Pennsylvania's fiscal code," March 29).

The bill would have empowered the House and Senate to block the state's compliance plan. Interfering with the development and submission of a plan could force the state to accept a federal plan.

By developing a tailored state plan, Pennsylvania can achieve savings for ratepayers while also expanding its advanced energy economy, which now employs 57,000 people at more than 4,200 companies.

The governor should be applauded for preserving the chance to achieve compliance while moving toward an electric system that is secure, clean, and affordable.

|Dylan Reed, associate, federal and state policy, Advanced Energy Economy, Washington,

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