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NBC-TV (KCRA-3): Why California's Electric Vehicle Workforce is Expected to Double by 2024

Posted by Ty Steele on Apr 22, 2021

NBC KCRA-3s Ty Steele interviewed AEE’s Amisha Rai on California’s electric transportation workforce and industry, connected to AEE's new related report . Read snippets below and watch the 3.5 minute interview here.

California's electric vehicle workforce is expected to double by 2024. It's a result of the state policies promoting zero-emission technologies.

Amisha Rai is the managing director at Advanced Energy Economy. She said that these types of jobs are all over the state.

In the interview, Rai shared, “It is really the economic story that surrounds the EV industry and California.” She continued, “Fifty eight counties have EV-related jobs, which is a huge, significant opportunity for the state... This will be an industry we cannot ignore.”

She also said there are hundreds of jobs in other industries with transferable skills to the EV industry.

Watch the full interview here.

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