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Inside Clean Energy: Arizona’s Energy Plan Unravels

Posted by Dan Gearino on May 13, 2021

Inside Climate Energy summarized the Arizona Corporation Commission vote against the state’s clean energy proposal, quoting AEE’s Shelby Stultz on consequence. Read snippets below the full article here.

An ambitious, bipartisan clean energy proposal stalls right before the finish line.

Six months ago, Arizona showed the country how Democrats and Republicans could work together to come up with a 100 percent carbon-free electricity plan.

Last week, the state showed how such a proposal, even when it seems like a done deal, can fall apart.

The turnabout was heartbreaking for Bob Burns, a Republican who was a leading promoter of the idea that clean energy should not be a partisan issue. He had shepherded the energy plan to its apparent passage last fall in his final months as chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission, capping a decades-long career in elected office. But he wasn’t that surprised.

The commission had approved the plan 4-1 in November. But it needed to go through a public comment period and then a second vote by the commission.

Last week, in the second vote, the plan failed 3-2…

Clean energy advocates said the discussion right before the vote last week was heavy on unsubstantiated claims about the costs of clean energy, and light on verifiable facts.

“This was a chance to strengthen and modernize utility regulation to the benefit of all Arizona ratepayers,” said a statement from Shelby Stultz, Arizona policy lead for Advanced Energy Economy, a clean energy business group. “That chance has been lost.”

Read the full article here.

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