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New U.S. EPA Emissions Standards for Trucks and Buses Delivers Regulatory Certainty for Switch to Electrified Transportation

Posted by Adam Winer on Mar 29, 2024

New regulations will provide advantages for businesses that adopt electric vehicle fleets

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) announced new emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles sold in the U.S. from 2027 to 2032, providing regulatory certainty for automotive and charging industries, and private and public fleet operators, charting a path to less harmful emissions by growing electrified transportation fleets. 

“In providing nationwide certainty that America is switching to electric trucks and buses, these industries can now invest confidently in an all-electric transportation future,” said Ryan Gallentine, Managing Director at Advanced Energy United, a national business association of companies providing clean energy and transportation solutions in America. “Many of these models are already more cost-effective than combustion engine alternatives when fuel costs and tax incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act are factored in, offering U.S. businesses and freight providers that convert their fleet new savings and operational advantages.” 

The new standards, which apply to vehicles like buses, large trucks, and tractor-trailers, will result in up to one billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions avoided over the next three decades, and provide $13 billion in annual net benefits, according to the U.S. EPA.

“Electric trucks and buses provide a whole new business opportunity for fleet operators, who can take advantage of charge management technology to maximize electricity savings for their vehicles and facilities,” added Gallentine. “That makes the switch to electric vehicles a force multiplier for communities, who will not only benefit from improved air but also a more energy efficient business environment.” 

“The EPA’s new heavy-duty emissions rule is challenging, but Ford is working aggressively to meet the moment,” said Cynthia Williams, Global Director for Sustainability at Ford Motor Company, a member company of Advanced Energy United. “Our industry is making important progress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in both light- and heavy-duty vehicles. We also need policymakers to pair emission standards with incentives and public investment so that we can continue to deliver on the next generation of vehicles and for our nation to lead the future of this industry.”

The new heavy-duty vehicle rules come just a week after the U.S. EPA finalized new greenhouse gas emissions standards for light-duty vehicles.

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