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Gov. DeSantis Vetoes Commonsense State Fleets Bill Which Could Have Saved Florida Taxpayers $277 Million

Posted by Adam Winer on Jun 29, 2023

Similar bills that help the state save money on fleet procurement costs have been signed by Republican governors in Nevada and Virginia

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Yesterday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed SB 284, a widely popular bipartisan bill that passed the Legislature nearly unanimously and would have saved Florida taxpayers up to $277 million on state-owned vehicles. The legislation would have allowed the state to consider fuel and maintenance costs in purchasing decisions for state fleets, making it easier for the state to transition to more cost-effective electric vehicles.

“This veto is a baffling decision that will cost Florida taxpayers millions of dollars,” said Michael Weiss, Florida state lead at Advanced Energy United, the national association of businesses working to achieve 100% clean energy and electrified transportation in America. “The Florida legislature saw the clear economic and taxpayer benefits of a modern and efficient state fleet, but Gov. DeSantis somehow didn’t get the memo.”

Research from Advanced Energy United and the Electrification Coalition shows the bill could have saved Florida an average of $18,000 per vehicle by switching to an all-electric vehicle fleet. Similar bills that allow the state to consider the total cost of ownership – and not just the upfront cost – in vehicle procurement decisions, have received broad bipartisan support and have been signed by Republican governors in Nevada and Virginia.

“The Florida legislature was right to pass this bill with overwhelming and bipartisan support, and we thank the bill’s lead sponsors, Senator Jason Brodeur and Representative Mike Caruso, for their strong leadership on this issue," added Weiss. “This veto is out of step with the interests of Florida families and the leaders they sent to the legislature. It’s perplexing why the Governor would drop the ball on this opportunity to save taxpayers money.”

Advanced transportation jobs employed over 11,000 Floridians as of 2021, and would also have benefited from growing this industry.

Click here to learn more about Advanced Energy United’s work in Florida advocating for clean energy and electrified transportation.

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