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Fredericksburg Freelance-Star (Opinion): Let's get grid modernization right in Virginia

Posted by Harry Godfrey on Feb 5, 2019

Fredericksburg Freelance-Star published this op-ed by Harrison T. Godfrey, Virginia Advanced Energy Economy’s executive director. See excerpts below and read the entire Freelance-Star commentary about realizing the full benefits of grid modernization here:

LAST month, the State Corporation Commission rejected the majority of the provisions in Dominion Energy’s grid modernization plan, citing “high costs to customers outweigh(ing) … any proven benefits.” In other words, the SCC concluded that much of Dominion’s grid mod filing lacked justification when asking for ratepayers to foot a multi-billion-dollar bill... 

Following the SCC decision, Dominion watchdogs in the General Assembly, as well as environmental and consumer advocates from every corner of Virginia, reveled in seeing the utility so publicly rebuked. But their celebration tells only half the story.

While it is significant that the SCC so bluntly said that Dominion lacked a “well-reasoned plan” that had “little to no benefit to customers,” the commission also gave the utility a set of clear and reasonable suggestions for future filings that detail how they may invest in grid modernization while ensuring that ratepayers see a return on such investments.

At Virginia Advanced Energy Economy, we believe that the commission’s thoughtful denial of Dominion’s proposal presents an opportunity – for the utility and the commonwealth as a whole – to go back to the drawing board and develop a modernization proposal that works for everyone... 

See the complete Freelance-Star commentary piece here.

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