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FC Gas Intelligence quotes Matt Stanberry in analysis of Natural Gas and the CPP

Posted by Nadav Shemer || FC Gas Intelligence on Mar 9, 2016

In the article, "Natural gas marches on despite Supreme Court CPP ruling," FC Gas Intelligence quotes AEE's Matt Stanberry. From the article: 

Matt Stanberry, Vice President of Market Development for Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), a national business organization promoting clean energy, said low prices have kept demand for natural gas high, and that trend is expected to continue throughout the period of CPP litigation.
“While the stay could create some near-term uncertainties around energy investments, our analysis shows that existing market forces are already driving natural-gas pipeline expansion that would likely be sufficient to meet most of the natural-gas needs under the Clean Power Plan. While there are many factors that will affect the role of natural-gas generation under the Clean Power Plan, assuming it is ultimately upheld by the Court, the stay is not one of them,” he said.
A recent AEE report found that ongoing changes in the US natural gas market – independent of the CPP – were driving increases in pipeline-gas infrastructure, prompted by dramatic growth in new gas supplies from areas like the Marcellus and Utica shales. The report found that compliance with the CPP, even under an unlikely “stress test” scenario of unexpectedly high gas usage, would only increase gas-infrastructure needs by 3% to 7%.

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