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E&E story on North Dakota wind farms quotes 2015 report by The Brattle Group for AEE

Posted by Daniel Cusick | E&E News on May 26, 2017

A story in E&E News, “In N.D., hope and worry blow in the wind,” covers proposed wind farms in North Dakota. A quote from The Brattle Group 2015 report for AEE responds to concerns about grid operators and utilities. From the story:

“The Brattle Group, for example, concluded in a 2015 report for the Advanced Energy Economy Institute that grid operators and utilities "have at their disposal a large and increasing portfolio of options to accommodate large and growing shares of renewable generation while maintaining high levels of reliability." These include operational tools as well as technological innovations that help forecast wind and solar output to balance the load between states and regions. 

Read the full story here. Download the referenced report here.

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