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E&E News Cites AEE Paper in Story on Federal Plan for CPP

Posted by E&E News on Jul 30, 2015

In a story from E&E News [subscription required], Emily Holden cites a recent AEE report when asking: "What consequences await states that 'just say no' to EPA carbon rule?" From the article:

Advanced Energy Economy , a member group of green energy and technology companies, agrees with Doniger that EPA's FIP is likely to set standards on generators, not states.
"EPA has proposed to provide states the option of designing a plan that includes obligations on entities other than fossil fuel-fired EGUs [electric generating units] (a 'portfolio approach')," AEE said in a recent paper. "However, EPA's past regulatory actions suggest that, where EPA must impose a Federal Plan, it will impose emission reduction obligations solely on affected (electric generating units), rather than utilize such a portfolio approach."

Read the full article here. Download the report here.

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