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Florida Legislature Passes Bill To Save State Fleets Money on Cars and Trucks, Goes to the Governor’s Desk

Posted by Adam Winer on May 3, 2023

Switching the state's fleets to electric vehicles could save Florida up to $277 million over fifteen years 

TALLAHASSEE, FL, May 3, 2023 – Today, the Florida Legislature passed a bill that will help reduce vehicle fleet procurement costs for the state and open the door for alternatively-fueled vehicles to become a bigger part of the state’s future fleet. “SB 284 - Energy” would require the Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) to consider not just the initial purchase price but the total cost of ownership for new additions to the state’s vehicle fleet, including operations, fuel, and maintenance costs. It also asks DMS to recommend the same standards to state agencies, local governments, and state colleges and universities. 

“We know that alternative fuel vehicles like electric vehicles have lower fuel and maintenance costs, and this bill will help ensure those benefits are factored into state fleet purchasing decisions,” said Michael Weiss, Florida state lead for Advanced Energy United, a national trade association of clean transportation and energy companies. "We thank Senator Jason Brodeur and Representative Mike Caruso for their leadership sponsoring and championing this common-sense legislation." 

Research from Advanced Energy United and the Electrification Coalition shows the bill could save Florida an average of $18,000 per vehicle by considering the total cost of ownership in vehicle procurement decisions. A full transition to electric vehicles for the state fleet could save Florida up to $277 million over fifteen years. 

“The passage of this bill is a huge step forward in saving taxpayer dollars and embracing electric vehicles as the future of transportation in the Sunshine State,” added Weiss. “Advanced Energy United joins state lawmakers and state fleet operators in looking forward to this legislation being signed by Governor DeSantis.”

The legislation will also boost the growth of the advanced vehicles job sector, which added over 2,000 jobs in Florida alone between 2021 and 2022.

Click here to learn more about Advanced Energy United’s work in Florida advocating for clean energy and electrified transportation, and click here to read our joint research about optimizing state vehicle fleet purchases.

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