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Colorado Times Recorder: Colorado's Clean Energy Industry Projected to Grow

Posted by Gabrielle Bye on Sep 11, 2019
Colorado Times Recorder covered the release of AEE's Colorado Advanced Energy Jobs Fact Sheet and included quotes from AEE's Emilie Olson. Read excerpts below and the entire Colorado Times Recorder story here.
The Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) expects Colorado’s clean energy industry of over 65,000 workers to expand by as much as nine percent this year, up from the four percent growth of last year. Over half of this workforce constitutes energy efficiency jobs alone. 
The Colorado estimate ranks higher than the national average of six percent for 2019, according to a report by AEE, a business organization.

This growth follows legislation designed to push the state towards ambitious goals of emissions reduction and usage of renewable energy. Legislation on electric vehicle policies, solar garden usage, and building codes are encouraging individuals, businesses, and utility companies to go green...

Emilie Olson of Advanced Energy Economy stated that Colorado is “reaping dividends from its energy policies and investments...”

Read the entire Colorado Times Recorder piece here. 

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