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Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois Now Boasts the ‘Most Equitable’ Climate Law in America. What Will That Mean?

Posted by Brett Chase and Dan Gearino on Sep 17, 2021

Chicago Sun Times and Inside Climate News covered Illinois's new climate and energy law, quoting AEE's Daniel Bloom on the social and economic benefits of embracing clean energy. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Besides setting targets for a switchover to clean energy, it comes with promises of equitable job creation and an emphasis on helping communities hit hardest by fossil-fuel pollution...

The law also is significant because Illinois is now the first state in the Midwest to commit to clean energy to such a degree...

Daniel Bloom, principal at Advanced Energy Economy, a trade group for clean energy companies, says the law could prove to be an important part of demonstrating to other states the social and economic benefits of embracing clean energy.

Bloom says he thinks Illinois now has a head start in attracting clean energy companies to set up shop and invest.

“What this legislation does is it positions Illinois right in the top tier with states like Washington, California and New York,” he says.

Read the full article here.

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