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Carlsbad Current Argus: Federal Stimulus Could Boost New Mexico Renewable Energy, Create Jobs, Study Says

Posted by Adrian Hedden on Aug 3, 2021

CarIsbad Current Argus highlighted the benefits of a clean energy stimulus for New Mexico, citing AEE's Leah Rubin Shen on the report. Read snippets below and the full article here

Renewable energy sectors could bring a multi-billion-dollar boost to New Mexico’s economy along with thousands of jobs, per a recent study, if supported by federal stimulus money.

Advanced Energy Economy, a national renewable energy trade association, estimated in a report released Friday that federal stimulus investments of $20 billion in renewables could add $117 billion to New Mexico’s gross domestic production (GDP).

The investments would also save consumers, municipalities and businesses about $6 billion on energy costs each year and create 796,000 job years, or single years of employment...

Leah Rubin Shen, policy director at Advanced Energy Economy said investments in renewable energy installations, energy storage and electric vehicle infrastructure would help bring down energy prices and create a more reliable grid.

“Investing in this transformational technology not only has the potential to save families and businesses money on the cost of cooling their homes and getting where they need to go, but would also create good jobs at a time when many in the state are looking for work,” Rubin Shen said...

“New Mexico’s advanced energy workforce is already over 11,000 workers strong,” Rubin Shen said. “An infusion of public funds in a sector that New Mexico is already committed to would spur significant private investment, helping to further grow the state’s advanced energy industry.”

Read the full article here

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