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California Passes Landmark Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Bill

Posted by Advanced Energy Economy on Aug 27, 2018

AEE Applauds Passage of Landmark California
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Bill

Business group praises Assemblymember Ting for authoring and ushering AB 2127 through the legislative process. Sponsored by AEE, the bill will facilitate development of electric vehicle charging capability to support state goal of 5 million zero-emission vehicles

Sacramento, Aug. 27, 2018 — National business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) applauded California legislators for passing a landmark electric vehicle charging infrastructure bill, AB 2127*, which is designed to accelerate deployment of electric vehicles across the state. Today, the Senate passed the bill on a unanimous 38-0 vote following the Assembly’s nearly unanimous 76-1 vote on May 29. The bill, which was sponsored by AEE, now goes to Governor Brown for his signature. Specifically, the bill affirms the California Energy Commission’s authority to perform, and regularly update, a statewide needs assessment for infrastructure build-out covering all vehicle classes, a key element in fulfilling Gov. Jerry Brown’s Executive Order to achieve 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030.

“This is an important step for California as it blazes the trail toward an electric transportation future,” said Amisha Rai, Senior Director of California Policy for AEE. “We congratulate Assemblymember Phil Ting and commend the Legislature for passing AB 2127, which will result in more efficient use of public dollars and smarter implementation of the state’s ongoing ZEV efforts.”

The bill’s author, Assemblymember Phil Ting, has worked closely with AEE and its members for over two years on legislation designed to promote zero-emission vehicles by enabling better planning for charging infrastructure build-out statewide and across all vehicle classes.

Besides sponsoring AB 2127, AEE and its many California member companies supported several other bills still pending before the legislature. AEE’s legislative priorities this year include:

  • Support for moving toward a 100% clean energy grid
  • Expanding the market for advanced energy through an integrated Western grid
  • Expanding Customer Choice and Direct Access 
  • Strengthening and defending the PACE financing program 
  • Growing a skilled advanced energy workforce

The bill's passage came soon after AEE’s Aug. 8 Pathway to 2050 conference and Aug. 7 Lobby Day at the state Capitol, and release of the latest employment data showing that California has more than 542,000 people working in advanced energy — a figure that exceeds the number of workers in hospitals (395,419), and nearly twice as many as those working at supermarkets and grocery stores (297,167) across the state. Companies surveyed expect their hiring to result in job growth of 10% across the state in 2018. California is the clear leader in advanced energy employment nationally, with more than one in every six of the 3.4 million people working in U.S. advanced energy located in California.

Earlier this year, AEE members met with gubernatorial campaigns ahead of the state primary, and released a policy roadmap to the campaigns of Democratic nominee Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Republican nominee John Cox outlining how advanced energy can drive economic growth in the state.

*Note: Access the latest bill language and action including votes, via AEE’s PowerSuite Tool with a trial subscription. Complimentary permanent access available for credentialed press, just contact me after you sign in on trial and decide to keep. Reporters tell us they love this tool!

About Advanced Energy Economy 
Advanced Energy Economy is a national association of businesses that are making the energy we use secure, clean, and affordable. Advanced energy encompasses a broad range of products and services that constitute the best available technologies for meeting energy needs today and tomorrow. AEE’s mission is to transform public policy to enable rapid growth of advanced energy businesses. AEE and its state and regional partner organizations are active in 27 states across the country, representing more than 1,000 companies and organizations in the advanced energy industry. Learn more at and track our latest news @AEEnet

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