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Clean Energy Funding Must Remain a Priority Despite California’s Budget Deficit

Posted by Caroline Grace on Jan 11, 2024

Maintaining clean energy investments will help meet state policy goals, support in-state jobs

SACRAMENTO, CA – This week, Governor Gavin Newsom announced this year’s state budget, reflecting the state’s fiscal challenges. Despite reductions, the new budget preserves much of the critical funding for clean energy and transportation investments. Maintaining strong funding commitments in zero-emission vehicles and clean energy, water, and transportation infrastructure is crucial to help communities switch to less-polluting technologies, support in-state jobs, and better position the state to meet its clean energy goals.

“We are glad to see the state’s commitment to ensuring the benefits of advanced energy infrastructure reach every Californian,” said Edson Perez, California Policy Lead at Advanced Energy United, the national business association. “It’s critically important that California maintains funding to support grid reliability, support the clean transportation industry, and create new jobs.”

United commends the state’s continued investments in advanced energy infrastructure and its commitment to creating actionable opportunities for Californians to save money, create in-state clean energy jobs, and enhance their health and well-being. Advanced energy technologies and services supported over 500,000 careers in California in 2023, with growth expected thanks to consumer demand for clean energy and state and federal legislation.

“United looks forward to meaningful and impactful conversations with the Legislature to expand and advance California’s energy commitments in strengthening our grid and meeting our climate targets,” added Perez.

Click here to learn more about Advanced Energy United’s work in California advocating for 100% clean energy.

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