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Breitbart: The Terminator insists U.S. will help battle climate change

Posted by Advanced Energy Economy on Dec 3, 2018

This piece published on Breitbart covers former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appearance at the UN climate summit where he discussed the economic benefits of advanced energy jobs. The California jobs fact sheet released by Advanced Energy Economy Institute is cited. Link to the Jobs Fact Sheet here.  Link to the full Breitbart piece here and see excerpts below:

Governments must protect citizens from the killer effects of climate change, movie tough guy-turned-statesman Arnold Schwarzenegger told AFP, insisting the United States was committed to a greener future despite Donald Trump reneging on the Paris agreement…

In his two terms as California governor between 2003-2011, Schwarzenegger helped shape America’s richest state into a green powerhouse. 

He signed legislation giving local and state officials the tools to bring down greenhouse gas emissions by reducing urban sprawl and promoting renewable energy and green technology…

Schwarzenegger said the idea that fossil fuel-dependent economies would suffer as they transition to renewables was a fallacy. 

“Green technology creates a huge amount of jobs and the reality is that we don’t have to choose between one and the other. You can protect the environment and protect the economy at the same time,” he said.

The Advanced Energy Economy Institute said California employed more than half a million people in green energy in 2016 — several times the amount of US coal workers nationally…

See the complete Breitbart story here.

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