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Bloomberg cites AEEI Employment Survey in "California Creates Most Clean Tech Jobs Paying Investors"

Posted by Industry News on Feb 3, 2015

AEEI recently released an employment survey covering California's advanced energy industry. The survey, which is the first of its kind, reported that the Golden State is home to more than 40,000 businesses serving advanced energy markets, spanning the entire value chain and including a wide range of energy technologies that address both supply and demand. 

Bloomberg reports that California's commitment to investing in advanced energy technologies has paid off, "with clean technology companies creating more jobs and investing more money than competitors in any other state."

The 26 California companies in the Clean Energy Index, including Elon Musk’s electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc. and rooftop solar giant SolarCity Corp., have added employees at a median annual rate of 9.5 percent for the past two years. That’s more than quadruple the 2.3 percent for the 115 U.S.-based companies in the index.


The state’s advanced-energy industry has more than 431,000 workers, the most in the nation, according to a December report by the trade group Advanced Energy Economy. 

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