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Utility Dive: Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Proposes Extending Tax Credits for Electric, Fuel Cell Vehicles

Posted by Robert Walton on Apr 11, 2019

This Utility Dive article highlights a measure by bipartisan lawmakers proposed to extend federal EV tax credits to reduce carbon emissions by supporting the development of EVs. AEE is mentioned as a supporter of this measure.  See excerpts below and the entire Utility Dive story here:

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a measure to extend the federal tax credit for electric vehicle (EV) purchases, citing the need to reduce emissions and continue to support development of the emerging technology and clean energy economy.

The current $7,500 tax credit begins to phase out as individual manufacturers sell 200,000 vehicles. So far, only Tesla and General Motors have maxed out their credits, but this legislation would give buyers of an additional 400,000 vehicles per manufacturer a chance at significant savings.

The Drive America Forward Act would also extend the hydrogen fuel cell credit for ten years, through 2028. The measure has broad support from clean energy and environmental advocates, as well as vehicle manufacturers...

Other groups [besides the Alliance to Save Energy] supporting the measure Include: Advanced Energy Economy, the  Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the Edison Electric Institute, Electrify America and a host of vehicle manufacturers and environmental groups...

See the entire Utility Dive story here.

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