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Arizona Daily Star (Opinion): Tucson Energy Regulator is Deciding Vote for New Arizona Energy Rules

Posted by Shelby Stults on Jul 13, 2021

Arizona Daily Star ran an op-ed by AEE’s Shelby Stults calling for the state's utility regulatory body to pass stronger policies in support of advanced energy businesses. Read snippets below and the full article here.

Arizona is poised to become the next domestic manufacturing hub, but growth is not guaranteed. Right now, businesses are watching closely as state regulators debate updates to state energy policy.

If the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) sets clear, enforceable targets for clean energy production, it would be a big win for local businesses, Arizonans, and advanced energy businesses, which already support nearly 60,000 jobs in the state. Advanced energy employers expect job opportunities in the industry to grow by another 7 percent in 2021 alone.

However, if the ACC fails to pass strong energy rules, it could cause companies to take their multi-million dollar investments elsewhere, killing the state’s momentum.

It takes more than just an eager workforce to grow a thriving industry — it takes policies that provide regulatory certainty and ensure affordable, clean energy. The strong policies and reforms proposed in the ACC’s Energy Rules — integrated resource planning reform, requirements for prudent energy program investments, expansion of demand-side management, and more — are the result of more than three years of collective, bipartisan commissioner and stakeholder support. These policies enable the commission to hold utilities accountable for providing reliable, affordable, and clean energy to Arizonans.

At this critical moment, the business community has a message for Chairwoman Márquez Peterson: The market will drive 100% clean well before the ACC’s 2070 deadline, but we need clear standards to ensure steady progress. We urge you to work with the bipartisan majority of commissioners who have already shown their support and get these rules to the finish line.

Read the full article here.

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