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AEE's Frantzis in Times Union Op-Ed: "State plan for clean, high-tech energy ambitious, laudable"

AEE's Lisa Frantzis joined Alliance for Clean Energy New York's executive director, Anne Reynolds, to publish an Op/Ed on the New York Public Service Commission's recent release of "track two" of Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). 
"Energy," Frantzis and Reynolds write, "and how it gets made and brought to our homes, is not something that most New Yorkers dwell on." 
But last week, New York released a new state energy plan, titled The Energy to Lead, which lays out a vision of the future that is worth paying attention to.
By transforming markets, getting communities involved, attracting private investment and spurring innovation, New York is aiming for a more affordable cleaner, and more high-tech energy future. The plan sets some strong goals for efficiency and an ambitious goal of 50 percent renewable electricity by 2030.
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