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AEE’S AZ Representative Quoted in Phoenix Business Journal

Posted by Phoenix Business Journal on Aug 3, 2015

The Phoenix Business Journal article addresses the Clean Power Plan’s influence on Arizona’s infrastructure.  The state coverage includes Amanda Ormond’s positive assessment of this national policy and its unique investment in localized solutions.

The Advanced Energy Economy, an industry coalition, said through its Arizona Representative Amanda Ormond that the plan will encourage investment because it provides a road map of what has to be accomplished.

"Policy certainty is absolutely necessary for investment," she said. "The EPA plan gives the state the flexibility to find Arizona solutions to the problem."

Ormond said the regulations are more flexible than expected and will open a variety of options from coal, to solar and nuclear. She does believe the Arizona legislature needs to show leadership to make energy conservation and efficiency a greater part of Arizona’s infrastructure.

"We need a statewide energy code so that builders can know that energy solutions are the same wherever they are building in the state," said Ormond.

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