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AEE Letter to the Editor in Scranton Times-Tribune

Posted by Scranton Times-Tribune on May 9, 2016

A letter to the editor from Dylan Reed with AEE ran in this morning's Scranton Times Tribune. Read the letter here.

Advance energy plan

Editor: We share The Times-Tribune’s disappointment in the Pennsylvania Senate’s continued attempts to stall planning for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan (“Senate puts energy into pandering,” May 3).

The Legislature already has authority to review the state’s Clean Power Plan, so extra time and oversight will do only one thing, slow things down until Pennsylvania is forced to accept a federal plan. Instead, Pennsylvania should develop a state plan that moves us toward an electricity system that is secure, clean and affordable. In fact, implementing the Clean Power Plan can provide savings for ratepayers compared to projected energy costs in 2030.

The state already has made strong progress, with the passage of Act 129 in June expected to save 6.6 million megawatt-hours of electricity. What’s more, we are growing an advanced energy industry that now employs 57,000 people at more than 4,200 companies in the state. The Senate should put an end to this “exercise in obstruction,” as The Times-Tribune rightly calls it, and support the development of a plan that works for Pennsylvania.




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