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AEE Applauds Pennsylvania Senate for Passage of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Bill

Posted by Monique Hanis on Nov 19, 2019

SB 596 encourages deployment of electric vehicles, sets up processes for charging infrastructure development and utility EV programs.

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 19, 2019 – Today, national business organization Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) applauded the state Senate for passing SB 596*, the Pennsylvania Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act. The vote was 43-6. The bipartisan bill sets a 2030 goal for electric vehicle (EV) deployment in the state that is at least 50% higher than current market forecasts, establishes a system for determining the charging infrastructure required to support those goals, and lays out a process for utility EV programs to be evaluated by the Public Utility Commission. Today, Pennsylvania is the seventh largest vehicle market in the nation**.   

"The passage of Senate Bill 596 will catalyze growth across the state's electric vehicle supply chain and position all Pennsylvanians to benefit from the rapidly growing electric vehicle market," said Daniel Bloom, principal at AEE. "It is a comprehensive plan that will drive private investment in the Commonwealth, create new manufacturing and other jobs, and put downward pressure on the state’s electricity prices." 

"This bill secures Pennsylvania's national leadership, signaling the state is open for business. And given the state's supply chains for both the automotive and electric industries, it positions the Commonwealth for economic expansion that will benefit all regions of the state — both urban and rural alike," added Bloom.

"We commend the leadership of Senator Mensch, Chairman Tomlinson, Leader Corman, and President Pro Tempore Scarnati, and look forward to moving the bill through the House early next year,"said Bloom.

* Download bill description, language, vote count, and other details, plus flag for updates using AEE's PowerSuite tool. It's complimentary for credentialed media: simply sign up for a free trial and contact Monique at to make your access permanent.

** Note: According to state-motor vehicle registrations in 2017, Pennsylvania had a total motor vehicle registration of 10,689,206, ranking number #7. The total motor vehicle number includes automobiles, buses, trucks, and motorcycles, both publicly and privately owned. (U.S. DOT, Federal Highway Administration) The state is also 7th in passenger car sales ( ).

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