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ACC-Commissioned Analysis Shows Clean Energy to be ‘Reliable and Cost-Effective’

Posted by Adam Winer on Aug 17, 2021

Advanced energy business group urges ACC to finalize proposed energy rules to provide regulatory certainty to continue growth

PHOENIX, August 17, 2021 — A new analysis commissioned by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), while acknowledging that it is unable to project long-term costs to consumers, finds that transitioning to clean and advanced energy options is “reliable and cost-effective” in the near-term.

“The report shows that clean and advanced energy solutions in Arizona can be both reliable and cost-effective with today’s technology,” said Shelby Stults, a principal at Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), a national business group representing companies working to make the energy we use secure, clean, and affordable. “Arizona is full of potential when it comes to providing solar power, energy storage, and other advanced energy technologies. Businesses across the country are looking to Arizona’s utility commissioners to provide the regulatory certainty they need to invest in the state.”

“What the report does not evaluate is how costs would increase for consumers if Arizona doesn’t take advantage of advanced energy technologies,” added Stults. “The Arizona Corporation Commission should keep that in mind as they finalize new clean energy rules for the state.”

Clean energy in utility portfolios makes Arizona an attractive state for companies with ambitious corporate sustainability goals. Just last week Facebook announced plans for a solar-powered data center.

Stults recently wrote an opinion column highlighting that advanced energy currently supports nearly 60,000 jobs in Arizona, with the industry expecting 7 percent growth in 2021. By finalizing the proposed clean energy rules, the ACC would provide the regulatory certainty needed to continue and accelerate the growth of the advanced energy industry in Arizona.

AEE represents more than 100 companies and organizations that span the advanced energy industry and its value chains. AEE’s membership provides a broad array of technologies and services, including energy efficiency, demand response, solar, wind, storage, electric vehicles, advanced metering infrastructure, transmission and distribution efficiency, fuel cells, hydro power, combined heat and power, enabling software and more. AEE also manages the Advanced Energy Buyers Group, representing large electricity consumers interested in the increased purchase of advanced energy to meet their corporate clean energy and sustainability goals. 

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