Economic and Environmental Impact of Governor Shapiro’s “30 x 30” Alternative Energy Pledge

Posted by Reports on Feb 1, 2024 9:30:00 AM

Publish Date: February 1, 2024

Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS) require electricity suppliers to include specified percentages of renewable energy and several alternative energy production technologies in their supply mix, creating a market mechanism to increase demand for those energy resources—but the law’s requirements plateaued in 2021.

A new report written by Gabel Associates and released by Advanced Energy United, MAREC Action, and the American Clean Power Association found that more than $13.1 billion could be invested in Pennsylvania over the next seven years and 129,000 jobs could be created if policymakers increase the AEPS to require 30% renewable generation by 2030. 

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Topics: State Policy, Pennsylvania

A Regulator’s Blueprint for 21st Century Gas Utility Planning

Posted by Reports on Dec 13, 2023 3:47:04 PM

Publish Date: December 13, 2023

The energy sector is in the midst of a profound transition as it shifts away from fossil fuels to renewable energy and a decarbonized economy. As such, natural gas utilities are at risk of stagnating customer growth and declining demand per customer due to competition from cost-effective electrification solutions and decarbonization efforts.

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Topics: State Policy, Energy Efficiency

Public Service Company of Colorado ERP Phase II: Assessment of Clean Energy Alternatives to New Natural Gas Peaker Resources

Posted by Reports on Nov 9, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Publish Date: November 8, 2023

This report, commissioned by Advanced Energy United and written by Strategen Consulting, assesses the proposed resource plan set forth by Public Service Company of Colorado (known by customers as Xcel Energy) in Phase II of their 2021 Electric Resource Plan (“ERP”), commonly referred to as the 120-Day Report. 

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Topics: State Policy, Energy Efficiency, Colorado

Making the Most of the Federal Home Energy Rebates

Posted by Reports on Sep 21, 2023 12:01:00 AM

Advanced Energy United & Rewiring America’s Guide to Lowering Energy Bills, Increasing Comfort, and Transforming Markets through Smart Program Design

Publish Date: September 21, 2023

Among its numerous provisions and incentives, the Inflation Reduction Act created two programs to help finance residential energy efficiency and electrification: the Home Efficiency Rebate and Home Electrification & Appliance Rebate Programs. With $8.6 billion in funds, to be allocated across all 50 states and tribes, these programs represent some of the most ambitious efforts to help American families reduce their electric bills and electrify their homes. The programs also represent an opportunity for states and industry to catalyze a broader market for distributed energy resources. 

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Topics: State Policy, Federal Policy, Manufacturing and Infrastructure

America's Electric Grid Reliability Fact Sheets

Posted by Reports on Aug 16, 2023 4:01:59 PM

Publish Date: August 16, 2023

Across the nation, fossil fuels are failing to keep the power on during extreme weather events, showing time and again that they are unreliable when we need power the most.  

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Topics: State Policy, Texas, California