Making the Most of the Federal Home Energy Rebates

Posted by Reports on Sep 21, 2023 12:01:00 AM

Advanced Energy United & Rewiring America’s Guide to Lowering Energy Bills, Increasing Comfort, and Transforming Markets through Smart Program Design

Publish Date: September 21, 2023

Among its numerous provisions and incentives, the Inflation Reduction Act created two programs to help finance residential energy efficiency and electrification: the Home Efficiency Rebate and Home Electrification & Appliance Rebate Programs. With $8.6 billion in funds, to be allocated across all 50 states and tribes, these programs represent some of the most ambitious efforts to help American families reduce their electric bills and electrify their homes. The programs also represent an opportunity for states and industry to catalyze a broader market for distributed energy resources. 

With the U.S. Department of Energy having finalized guidance for the twin Home Energy Rebate Programs, the responsibility for program design and implementation turns to the states. Advanced Energy United and Rewiring America have crafted this guide to help State Energy Offices and other policymakers shoulder that responsibility. Informed by the experience and expertise of companies, advocates, and industry experts, the insights and recommendations in this guide are intended to help states develop rebate programs that stretch each dollar, maximize the benefits to American families (particularly those in low-income and disadvantaged communities), and catalyze sustainable, private sector investment in residential efficiency, electrification, and distributed energy resources.   

Over the course of four sections, this guide provides an overview of the Home Energy Rebate Programs and their goals, places them in context with broader residential energy incentives, and provides a set of 25 specific recommendations to help inform state-level program design and implementation. 

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Topics: State Policy, Federal Policy, Manufacturing and Infrastructure