The 2020s and the Coming of an Advanced Energy Economy

Posted by Webinar on Jan 23, 2020 12:51:00 PM

Recorded on January 23, 2020

100% clean energy commitments in state after state, with wind, solar, and storage displacing traditional power plants. Electric vehicles cheaper to buy, as well as own, than gasoline- and diesel-powered ones. Distributed resources dotting the grid, making every household and business a power market player. Welcome to the 2020s, the decade when the trends that have been building over the past 10 years come to fruition. What will it mean for investment, jobs, and growth for the United States to become a true advanced energy economy?

In this webinar, three experts on clean energy finance laid out their scenarios for the coming decade and took questions from two leading journalists.  


  • Nat Kreamer, CEO, AEE

  • Shayle Kann, Managing Director, Energy Impact Partners

  • Pavel Molchanov, Director and Research Analyst, Raymond James & Associates

  • Iulia Gheorghiu, Editor, Utility Dive

  • Scott Tong, Correspondent, American Public Media's 'Marketplace'

  • Robert Keough, SVP of Content, AEE (Moderator)
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Topics: Wholesale Markets, Advanced Transportation