Solar for All: How Regulators Can Support Solar Equity

Posted by Webinar on Jun 14, 2024 3:04:26 PM

Recorded on June 13, 2024

The $7 billion federal Solar for All competition is set to make an unprecedented investment in improving access to solar and associated energy storage and efficiency for low-to-moderate income (LMI) and disadvantaged communities across the United States. Considering the average income of solar adopters was $117,000 in 2022, Solar for All's emphasis on reaching LMI and disadvantaged homeowners and renters is a significant step towards democratizing the benefits of the nation's growing deployment of distributed and community-based solar, aiming to bridge the gap for hundreds of thousands of households previously excluded from the benefits of solar adoption. 

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A Closer Look at FERC’s Transmission Order (Part 1)

Posted by Webinar on May 28, 2024 4:20:25 PM

Recorded on May 24, 2024

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)’s Order on transmission planning is a landmark rulemaking—but what’s actually in the Order, and what comes next?

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Grid Solutions for Managing Commercial Vehicle Electrification

Posted by Webinar on May 8, 2024 1:43:18 PM

Recorded on May 7, 2024

Medium- and Heavy-Duty vehicle (MHDV) electrification has the potential to put downward pressure on electric utility rates, provide valuable grid services, save money for fleet owners, and reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. However, grid infrastructure investments and capacity are major factors in the pace of MHDV electrification and the success of policies like the Advanced Clean Trucks rule.  

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Building Energy Infrastructure: Lessons from the Big Dig & Where We Go From Here

Posted by Webinar on Mar 26, 2024 8:47:12 AM

Recorded Live at Greentown Labs on March 21, 2024

Inspired by the successful GBH podcast, The Big Dig by Ian Coss, Advanced Energy United's, Building Energy Infrastructure: Lessons from the Big Dig & Where We Go From Here, included a set of conversations aimed at the question of how we successfully build the energy infrastructure our industry requires if we are going to achieve 100% clean energy across the U.S.

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Preparing States for the Evolution of Home Heating Technologies

Posted by Webinar on Mar 1, 2024 2:58:00 PM

Recorded on February 29, 2024

As the nation sees an uptick in the adoption of electric heating technologies driven by consumer trends, energy policies, and incentive programs, there is a growing need for states to ensure utility ratepayer funds are spent on infrastructure investments that consider the future of gas. Without a forward-looking planning process that accounts for the ever-changing heating technology landscape, state constituents could be left overpaying for gas infrastructure investments that may become obsolete with a disproportionate impact on households with high energy burdens.

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