Getting a GRIP: How States Can Achieve a Resilient and Reliable Grid

Posted by Webinar on Dec 18, 2023 4:41:38 PM

Recorded on December 18, 2023

As extreme weather, accelerating load growth, and beneficial electrification place new demands on our grid, the need to improve resiliency and reliability is intensifying for states, businesses, and consumers. At the same time, the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act are unleashing new resources to support the development of a more flexible and modernized grid.  

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Topics: State Policy, Federal Policy, Regulatory, Advanced Transportation, Webinar, Transmission

All Eyes on 2024: Charting a Path for Clean Energy in the Pivotal Year Ahead

Posted by Webinar on Dec 13, 2023 2:42:29 PM

Recorded on December 13, 2023

Advanced Energy United policy team leaders convened for webinar discussion on the federal and state-level clean energy policy trends and key issues we can expect to see at play in 2024with a focus on transmission and siting, electrificationand grid readiness.

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Topics: State Policy, Federal Policy, Regulatory, Advanced Transportation, Webinar, Transmission

Making Interregional Transmission Work in the East

Posted by Webinar on Nov 16, 2023 10:40:56 AM

Recorded on November 15, 2023

Advanced Energy United convened an interactive discussion designed to identify and accelerate common ground among states up and down the East Coast around the topic of adding interregional transmission capacity to our power grid. The session featured state energy officials in the Northeast who are working through the details of how to accomplish this goal.

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Topics: Webinar, New York, Transmission, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut

Home Energy Rebates & Beyond: Catalyzing State Markets for Distributed Energy Resources

Posted by Webinar on Oct 27, 2023 12:44:15 PM

Recorded on October 26, 2023

The $8.6 billion in home energy rebates in the Inflation Reduction Act represent a rare opportunity to energize the residential market for energy efficiency, electrification, and a host of other distributed energy resources (DERs). Whether states realize this opportunity will hinge on how they design rebate programs, engage with consumers, and institute broader policies to spur the DER ecosystem.

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Topics: Federal Policy, Webinar, Manufacturing and Infrastructure

FERC Interconnection Ruling: The First Domino in Transmission Reform

Posted by Webinar on Aug 16, 2023 8:21:16 PM

Recorded on August 14, 2023

On July 27, 2023, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) handed down Order 2023, a new rulemaking aimed at unclogging interconnection queue backlogs across the nation.

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Topics: Wholesale Markets, Webinar, FERC