Achieving YIMBY: Engaging Communities on Clean Energy Infrastructure

Posted by Webinar on Jul 13, 2023 11:47:10 AM

Recorded on July 12, 2023

To meet state clean energy goals, building new clean energy infrastructure has become more critical than ever. Yet, many communities are often skeptical or resistant to these changes when they begin to take shape in their back yards. How do we bring communities along to say, "Yes In My Back Yard (YIMBY)"? 

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Making Connections: How to Get Transmission Built for an Advanced Energy Economy

Posted by Webinar on May 3, 2022 4:34:01 PM

Recorded on May 3, 2022

An advanced energy economy requires a modern and efficient electricity delivery network that can access the best sources of clean energy and support electrification of transportation, buildings, and industry. Expanding electric transmission infrastructure — the long-distance high-voltage lines that deliver electricity in bulk from generation resources to local distribution networks — is central to that vision. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Congress, and the Department of Energy have devoted new attention and new funding to transmission expansion. But getting transmission built requires engagement at the state and local level, too, where siting and permitting decisions are made and local impacts are felt.  

In this on-demand webinar, originally recorded on May 3, 2022, hear from FERC Chairman Richard Glick about the agency’s vision for transmission development to handle a changing resource mix and new threats to the reliability and resilience of the grid. Plus, a panel of experts from industry and the states discuss the policies and technologies that can move transmission from drawing board to reality.  

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