State of Advanced Energy: Markets, Jobs & Lessons from the COVID Year

Posted by Webinar on Apr 28, 2021 3:53:00 PM

Recorded on April 28, 2021

Last year, advanced energy, like all other industries, faced a global pandemic and had to adapt. How did the industry make out in 2020 – and what’s in store for the year to come?

This webinar presented revenue trends from AEE’s “Advanced Energy Now 2021 Market Report,” the latest figures on advanced energy employment, and thoughts from advanced energy executives on how their companies survived in 2020 – and are prepared to thrive in 2021.

  • Robert Keough, SVP, Content, AEE (Moderator) 
  • Philip Jordan, VP and Principal Researcher, BW Research Partnership
  • Sarah Webster, VP, Investor Relations, Government Relations, and Corporate Communications, Pattern Energy
  • Angela Tucci, COO, Uplight
  • Nat Kreamer, CEO, AEE

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Topics: Advanced Energy Now Market Report, Advanced Energy Employment