Averting Disaster: How to Future Proof the Texas Grid with DERs

Posted by Webinar on Oct 5, 2022 6:16:25 PM

Recorded on October 5, 2022

Between winter storms and summertime heat, the Texas power grid has been under stress. Distributed energy resources (DERs) – rooftop solar and energy-storing batteries, smart home appliances, electric vehicles, microgrids, energy efficiency measures – can help Texas respond to emergencies like natural disasters.

Recorded live on October 5, 2022, this webinar draws on the TAEBA white paper “Future Proofing the Texas Grid with Distributed Energy Resources,” and convenes experts and DER company representatives will discuss how these technologies can reduce strain on the grid and help Texans — as well as customers in other vulnerable states — avert disaster, and what policies are needed to achieve these goals.  


  • Aaron Berndt, Google 
    Head of Energy Industry Partnerships / Americas

  • Adair Douglas, Converge Strategies
    Senior Associate

  • Amy Heart, Sunrun
    VP of Public Policy

  • Claire Alford, Highland
    Market Development Associate

  • Caitlin Marquis, Advanced Energy Economy (Moderator)

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