Reaching for the Cloud: Solutions for Regulatory Parity for Cloud Services for Utilities

Posted by Reports on Feb 24, 2022 12:55:29 PM

Publish Date: February 22, 2022

Cover_Reaching for the Cloud-1Information technology (IT) and data solutions are a central focus of modern enterprise in every industry. Many industries have made the transition from traditional, on-premises IT solutions to cloud computing — and those industries have subsequently benefited from the scalability, flexibility, and efficient use of capacity cloud computing offers. However, regulations that have been in place for nearly a century have delayed the ability of utilities to transition from on-premises systems to cloud computing services. This paper, from AEE and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), examines the regulatory reforms needed to modernize the IT systems that utilities depend on to provide safe, reliable, and efficient operations. 

The goal is to unlock cost savings and greater benefits for customers while supporting utility efforts to meet higher expectations for reliability, resilience, and clean energy. Also included in the paper are four key recommendations utility regulators may consider to help address current disincentives. 

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Topics: Utility, Regulatory